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“Health Crisis is like being back in the dark ages” says MEP Candidate

Press release for immediate publication 03/04/2019

“Health Crisis is like being back in the dark ages” says MEP Candidate

Last Monday Cork University Hospital put up notices informing patients that the hospital and its emergency department were in a state of ‘black escalation’- meaning it is not safe. According to the INMO Limerick hospital also had 81 patients on trolleys and in St. Luke’s hospital in Kilkenny the number on trolleys doubled in 24 hours. Adrienne Wallace, the People Before Profit European candidate for Ireland South has said this is like living in the dark ages, as part of her campaign she says she is fighting for ‘Health Equality’.

Ms. Wallace said ‘This is the 21st century but you’d swear we were back in the dark ages. Our health service is in total disarray. These crisis have become the norm and that’s just unacceptable. Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and yet under the watchful eye of the government the health system is falling apart. There is a very deliberate attempt to undermine the public system to force people to go private. Public consultants are used by private patients who get priority because they pay the large fees directly. This means the public system is being used to prop up the private model of care and forces public patients onto longer waiting lists. I want to see an NHS health care system that treats according to need and will fight for this if elected.’

Ms. Wallace added that ‘I have been involved in the campaigns for 24/7 cardiac care in Waterford and the fight for children’s mental health services. Health Equality is a core campaign issue for me. I think it is shocking that the new HSE boss will be paid €300,000. We need to stop inflating the wages of middle management and start paying front line staff and funding our health care system. Root and branch reform is badly needed.’

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Press release for immediate publication 01/04/2019


The People Before Profit candidate for the European elections in
Ireland South, Adrienne Wallace has spoken out against the Saudi
Regime that many are calling barbaric. Ms. Wallace has signed her name
to the Saudi Women’s Act which was initiated by Saudi Human Rights
activist Abdulaziz Almoayyad. The Saudi Woman’s Act seeks to send a
delegation to Saudi Arabia to investigate claims of torture and sexual
abuse to female activists.

Ms. Wallace said “Germany’s decision to extend its ban on arms sales
to Saudi Arabia has put the spotlight on other EU countries. I am
calling on the Irish government to ensure that dual use equipment does
not reach Saudi Arabia. In 2016 a government report on the Control
under the Control of Exports Act 2008 indicated that six licenses were
granted for equipment whose final destination was Saudi Arabia.

In the Dail, it was stated that no licenses were granted for arms
exports to Saudi Arabia but this is somewhat economical with the
truth. The reality is that Ireland is producing dual use equipment
which can be used in Saudi Arabia’s deadly war in Yemen.”

She added “The UN says at least 7,025 civilians have been killed and
11,140 injured in the fighting since March 2015, with 65% of the
deaths attributed to Saudi-led coalition air strikes. Ireland can no
longer avoid taking measures if there is not to be blood on our hands.

After the German extension of a ban on arms sales, Ireland should
announce that it will no longer issue any more licenses for military
equipment that will make has Saudi Arabia as its final destination.

I am calling on all the other European election candidates to support
the Saudi Women’s Act and help make Ireland a beacon of hope and
progressive politics.”

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Sean Kelly MEP Under Fire for boasting about LNG Funding

Press release for immediate publication 15/3/2019

Sean Kelly MEP Under Fire for boasting about LNG Funding

Adrienne Wallace, the People Before Profit European candidate for Ireland South has taken swipes out of sitting MEP Sean Kelly for boasting about securing funding for Shannon LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas). Shannon LNG was recently ordered to not begin construction after a High Court ruling. The People Before Profit party currently have a bill in the Dail that is fighting to stop the exploration of all fossil fuels. The bill was passed with a majority vote but has been left to gather dust under the Fine Gael led coalition.

Ms Wallace said, “Fine Gael are extremely short-sighted. The fact the sitting MEP Sean Kelly boasted about securing €60million investment for Shannon LNG in the last election shows just how out of touch they are on environmental issues. Shannon LNG would destroy the local estuary surrounding it, which is an EU designated special area of conservation, by building a large jetty and flooding the area with large tankers. In addition, the proposed terminal would will most likely treat fracked gas imported from other countries. Ireland banned fracking because of its devastating affect on the environment. We should not allow a corporation profit from the exploitation of other communities.”

Ms. Wallace added, “Importing LNG and increasing our dependence on fossil gas is the wrong direction. We need a system change not climate change, 100 companies are responsible for 71% of Green house gas emissions. So while Fine Gael try and penalize ordinary people via carbon taxes they are leaving those responsible off the hook. The planet and people need to come before profit. As part of my European campaign I will be also be challenging the fact that this project has been designated as a project of common interest by the European Commission. I am fighting to be a voice for workers and the environment.”

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Press Release for immediate publication 14/03/2019


News of British tariffs on Irish food products has caused grave concerns among farmers and workers. But one company is well insulated. Larry Goodman’s ABP Foods group has been tax dodging for years –while taking huge EU grants.
Adrienne Wallace is the European Election candidate for Ireland South and a local election candidate in Carlow, she says it is time to end the “hand out culture”.

Ms. Wallace added, “Two key companies in the Goodman Group, Parlesse Investments and Silverbirch Investments, are located in Luxembourg for tax reasons. They give out loans to other subsidiaries in the group and use the interest charged to write down the tax bill. Parlesse made a profit of €64 million in 2016 and paid a tax of just €165,000. That is a tax rate of 0.25%.

Meanwhile Goodman is the largest recipient of EU grants because he owns two huge farms with thousands of cattle. In 2016, he received a hand-out of €430,000 from the EU. This gravy train has got to end. As part of my European campaign I will be calling for an end to the rule of big farm monopolies. We need to see more supports for small and medium farmers.”

Ms. Wallaced added, “Before he got elected as Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar ran a major campaign against ‘welfare cheats’. After he became Taoiseach, Department of Social Protection officials admitted that this was just a PR stunt. The real tax cheats in this country can be found in the corporate sector – but Varadkar says nothing about them.
We need to end the hand-out culture of the old boys club and fight for a politics that is focused on equality. Brexit shows that Irish agriculture needs to re-orientate away from beef production. Climate change is another good reason for doing this. But let’s start by tackling the beef barons who get huge hand-outs while dodging taxes.”

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Ireland South Candidate Takes Shot at EU Commissioner

Press Release for immediate publication

Ireland South Candidate Takes Shot at EU Commissioner

As it stands Phil Hogan gets paid well over €300,000 a year, as well as expenses. He has a basic monthly salary of €20,832, a “residence allowance” of 15% of his basic salary – which is €37,498, a one-off “installation allowance” of two months’ basic salary equating to €41,665.08 and a monthly “representation allowance” of €7,292 a year.

Ms Wallace said this is an obscene amount of money, she added, ‘when I worked in the hospitality industry I wouldn’t make Phil Hogan’s monthly salary in a whole year! You need just look at the fight nurses recently had to go through to get any bit of a fair wage to realise this is a tale of two worlds. How can these people be expected to be a voice for the ordinary people? They have no idea what it’s like to struggle as a result of the austerity they impose. I am fighting the European elections to be a voice for workers and fairness – but also to call “The Suits” out on their elitist behaviour that comes out of our pockets.’

Ms. Wallace added that she will only be taking the industrial wage if elected.
Ms. Wallace said that the time for change is now, she explained that ‘the Ireland South constituency was awarded an extra seat in the European elections – why would we hand this over to the same old parties? We know what they stand for, and often that is at odds with the interests of the many. At 28 years old I think it is time to pave the way for young people in politics and create a space for something new and progressive. Ireland South has the opportunity to make a change- I’m hopeful the people will take it’.

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Health discrimination has got to go, they are gambling with our lives

Press Release for immediate publication

‘They are gambling with our lives’ says Wallace

“Health discrimination has got to go, they are gambling with our lives” says Carlow’s Local, and the Ireland South European election candidate, Adrienne Wallace. In the South East, the most overcrowded hospital was Waterford University Hospital with 547 on trolleys whereas Kilkenny’s St. Luke’s had 370 patients. In addition to the trolley crisis and long waiting lists Ms. Wallace says there is the added weight of Health Discrimination affecting many outside of Dublin.

Ms. Wallace said, “Carlow residents have to travel the furthest distance for emergency care in Ireland with our closest A&E being 40km away. On top of this we don’t have regular public transport to get to St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny. There’s only two buses and the last train leaves after 7.30pm. This is the reality for many living outside of Dublin under the Fine Gael and Fianna Fail coalition.”

Ms. Wallace put the blame firmly with “silver-spooned politicians”, she said “the politicians are totally removed from our lives, they are born with silver spoons and can afford to go private. They never have to experience what its like to rely on the public services that they are actively under-funding. It’s just totally unacceptable and puts patient’s well-being at risk. I am calling for the site at St. Dymphna’s in Carlow to be assessed and considered as a potential A&E department to serve Carlow.”

Ms. Wallace added that the lack of 24/7 Cardiac Care in Waterford puts everyone across the South East of Ireland at risk. She said “Our lives shouldn’t be put in jeopardy like this. We have to put an end to the 9 to 5 health service right-wing parties are trying to enforce as they run down public services in the name of privatized healthcare. We need to vote for left-wing parties who will invest in public services, People Before Profit want to see an NHS type health service across Ireland.”

Ms. Wallace called for reforms on how healthcare is ran here, she said, “We need root and branch reform of how hospitals are run so the workers on the front-line, the patients and the communities get more of a say and not the middle management of the HSE that are on inflated salaries.”

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