Local Election Priorities

Carlow Needs A Women’s Refuge
Adrienne initiated the campaign for a Women’s Refuge. Delivering on this is a core campaign issue for her.

Open The Vacant Homes
There are over 1,400 vacant homes in Carlow- Bring these into use.

Health Equality Now
Carlovians have to travel 40km to access A&E, the furthest in the country! St. Dymphna’s needs to be considered as an A&E unit in Carlow.
Increased, and free, access to Mental Health Services.

Stand up to unelected officials
The chief executive earns over €100,000 p.a – They represent landlords and big buisnesses and make decisions depite never being elected.
Adrienne wants equality in politics and will call for wage cuts, accountability and transparency.

Regenerate Carlow Town
Link rates to profits to allow an equal playing field for SMEs & open the empty shops. Annual Busker Competitions to bring more vibrancy to our town and develop our Arts & Culture profile.

Green Carlow
Ban single use plastics.
Deliver and ensure continued access to the local link.

LGBT+ Inclusivity
Free access to LGBT+ specific counselling.
Campaign for LGBT+ inclusive Sex Ed in schools.