EU Policies

Adrienne’s EU Policies

Adrienne PBP

Stop the EU gravy train:
EU commissioners get a salary of 22,000 a month, plus entertainment allowances. Adrienne wants commissioners’ pay to be cut and for this role to be elected by the people. She would ban corporate lobbyists.

End health inequality:
Adrienne is fighting for 24/7 cardiac care facilities, increased funding to cut hospital waiting lists and timely access to child and adolescent mental health services. Open the vacant homes. Rents are too high, many are in mortgage distress and there are not enough social and affordable houses in use – it’s time to open the homes. We need to build public housing on public land, declare a housing emergency and get the vulture funds out of the housing market.

Oppose an EU army:
Get Ireland out of PESCO. This is a neutral country and we should not be drawn into big power conficts. The PESCO treaty commits us to increased military spending. Adrienne wants money to be spent on building homes and taking action on climate change, not bombs.

Support sustainable agriculture and fishing:
Increase supports for small and medium-sized farmers. Stop the privatisation of our oceans and increase fishing sustainability. End the rule of the super-trawlers and big-farm monopolies.

Take action on climate change:
Leave fossil fuels in the ground. Move to free public transport and invest in retrofitting. Oppose the Shannon LNG terminal. We need a change of system, not just idle words.

Oppose racism and fascism:
Open the borders of Europe to all those seeking persecution and war. Stop war, not refugees.

Resist a hard border:
A hard border will only strengthen partition. It must be resisted by peaceful means. We need a referendum, North and South, to choose a new 32-county Ireland.