“It’s time to put the Environment first” says Poster-free European Candidate

Press release for immediate publication 26th/04/2019

“It’s time to put the Environment first” says Poster-free European Candidate

As the fight against climate change mounts and public pressure for candidates to stop using plastic posters increases Adrienne Wallace, the MEP candidate for People Before Profit in Ireland South has vowed to go poster free.

Ms. Wallace said “We need a new politics, one that is fitting for the 21st century and one that puts the environment first. I have decided to go poster free for the European elections. As a new candidate from a small party this was a big decision for us, but I believe in practicing what I preach. It’s time for change and it’s time politicians stop thinking in the short term only. As a dual candidate who is also running in the local elections in Carlow I have recycled 100% of my old posters and reused these for this electoral area but I could not justify polluting the planet while standing on a platform of tackling climate change.”

Ms. Wallace added “I will be relying on social media to get my message out there and encourage people to help us take politics in a new direction. Although individual choices are important I also recognize that the fight against climate change will take a system change. People Before Profit will stand up to the corporate lobbyists circling Brussels and influencing climate policy. On top of this we are calling for a corporation tax, not a carbon tax to fuel our move to renewable energy, 100 companies omit 71% of the Greenhouse gas emissions. They should be the ones held accountable.”

ENDS- For more information contact Adrienne on 086 311 9991