It’s time to stop the Revolving Door – Elect an Activist to Brussels

Press Release for immediate publication 12/04/2019

‘It’s time to stop the Revolving Door – Elect an Activist to Brussels”

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny has recently taken up a new post on the global advisory council for a vulture fund. Solidarity-People Before Profit candidate for Ireland South, Adrienne Wallace says “it’s time to stop the revolving door between politicians and bankers and elect an activist.”

Ms. Wallace who is also a local election candidate for Carlow said, “What do Fine Gael politicians do when they retire? Join the corporate elite naturally. The Dublin MEP Brian Hayes has also become a well-paid lobbyist for bankers. It’s not a surprise that their former leader, Enda Kenny is also joining these ranks.”

Ms. Wallace added, “When he was Taoiseach, Kenny invited vulture funds to Ireland where they bought up €200 billion of Irish distressed debt. His officials showed them Section 110 tax ‘loopholes’ so they got away with paying only €250 in tax on vast profits. Now he has gone to seek his reward – a well paid position for a vulture fund. If elected on May 24th I will blow open the doors these dodgy deals are done behind. People Before Profit do not take corporate sponsorship and I will only be taking the industrial wage if elected. It’s time for change”

ENDS – For more information contact Adrienne on 086 311 9991