“Health Crisis is like being back in the dark ages” says MEP Candidate

Press release for immediate publication 03/04/2019

“Health Crisis is like being back in the dark ages” says MEP Candidate

Last Monday Cork University Hospital put up notices informing patients that the hospital and its emergency department were in a state of ‘black escalation’- meaning it is not safe. According to the INMO Limerick hospital also had 81 patients on trolleys and in St. Luke’s hospital in Kilkenny the number on trolleys doubled in 24 hours. Adrienne Wallace, the People Before Profit European candidate for Ireland South has said this is like living in the dark ages, as part of her campaign she says she is fighting for ‘Health Equality’.

Ms. Wallace said ‘This is the 21st century but you’d swear we were back in the dark ages. Our health service is in total disarray. These crisis have become the norm and that’s just unacceptable. Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and yet under the watchful eye of the government the health system is falling apart. There is a very deliberate attempt to undermine the public system to force people to go private. Public consultants are used by private patients who get priority because they pay the large fees directly. This means the public system is being used to prop up the private model of care and forces public patients onto longer waiting lists. I want to see an NHS health care system that treats according to need and will fight for this if elected.’

Ms. Wallace added that ‘I have been involved in the campaigns for 24/7 cardiac care in Waterford and the fight for children’s mental health services. Health Equality is a core campaign issue for me. I think it is shocking that the new HSE boss will be paid €300,000. We need to stop inflating the wages of middle management and start paying front line staff and funding our health care system. Root and branch reform is badly needed.’

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