Sean Kelly MEP Under Fire for boasting about LNG Funding

Press release for immediate publication 15/3/2019

Sean Kelly MEP Under Fire for boasting about LNG Funding

Adrienne Wallace, the People Before Profit European candidate for Ireland South has taken swipes out of sitting MEP Sean Kelly for boasting about securing funding for Shannon LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas). Shannon LNG was recently ordered to not begin construction after a High Court ruling. The People Before Profit party currently have a bill in the Dail that is fighting to stop the exploration of all fossil fuels. The bill was passed with a majority vote but has been left to gather dust under the Fine Gael led coalition.

Ms Wallace said, “Fine Gael are extremely short-sighted. The fact the sitting MEP Sean Kelly boasted about securing €60million investment for Shannon LNG in the last election shows just how out of touch they are on environmental issues. Shannon LNG would destroy the local estuary surrounding it, which is an EU designated special area of conservation, by building a large jetty and flooding the area with large tankers. In addition, the proposed terminal would will most likely treat fracked gas imported from other countries. Ireland banned fracking because of its devastating affect on the environment. We should not allow a corporation profit from the exploitation of other communities.”

Ms. Wallace added, “Importing LNG and increasing our dependence on fossil gas is the wrong direction. We need a system change not climate change, 100 companies are responsible for 71% of Green house gas emissions. So while Fine Gael try and penalize ordinary people via carbon taxes they are leaving those responsible off the hook. The planet and people need to come before profit. As part of my European campaign I will be also be challenging the fact that this project has been designated as a project of common interest by the European Commission. I am fighting to be a voice for workers and the environment.”

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