Health discrimination has got to go, they are gambling with our lives

Press Release for immediate publication

‘They are gambling with our lives’ says Wallace

“Health discrimination has got to go, they are gambling with our lives” says Carlow’s Local, and the Ireland South European election candidate, Adrienne Wallace. In the South East, the most overcrowded hospital was Waterford University Hospital with 547 on trolleys whereas Kilkenny’s St. Luke’s had 370 patients. In addition to the trolley crisis and long waiting lists Ms. Wallace says there is the added weight of Health Discrimination affecting many outside of Dublin.

Ms. Wallace said, “Carlow residents have to travel the furthest distance for emergency care in Ireland with our closest A&E being 40km away. On top of this we don’t have regular public transport to get to St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny. There’s only two buses and the last train leaves after 7.30pm. This is the reality for many living outside of Dublin under the Fine Gael and Fianna Fail coalition.”

Ms. Wallace put the blame firmly with “silver-spooned politicians”, she said “the politicians are totally removed from our lives, they are born with silver spoons and can afford to go private. They never have to experience what its like to rely on the public services that they are actively under-funding. It’s just totally unacceptable and puts patient’s well-being at risk. I am calling for the site at St. Dymphna’s in Carlow to be assessed and considered as a potential A&E department to serve Carlow.”

Ms. Wallace added that the lack of 24/7 Cardiac Care in Waterford puts everyone across the South East of Ireland at risk. She said “Our lives shouldn’t be put in jeopardy like this. We have to put an end to the 9 to 5 health service right-wing parties are trying to enforce as they run down public services in the name of privatized healthcare. We need to vote for left-wing parties who will invest in public services, People Before Profit want to see an NHS type health service across Ireland.”

Ms. Wallace called for reforms on how healthcare is ran here, she said, “We need root and branch reform of how hospitals are run so the workers on the front-line, the patients and the communities get more of a say and not the middle management of the HSE that are on inflated salaries.”

ENDS – For more information contact Adrienne on 086 311 9991